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      The concept of supply chain from the expansion of production (Extended Production) andconcept development, the definition of modern management education to the supply chain as "supply chain is around the core enterprise, through to the business flow, information flow,logistics,capital flow control, starting from procurement of raw materials, intermediate products and final products are made, finally by the sales network products to the hands of consumers will suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, until eventually the user as a function of the overall network chain structure.


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      Service advantage
      Standardized Service: provide the brand standard service, initiate the new industry standard
      Personalized Service: provide service system to the big client, Midium-high-end client and group client
      Seriation Services: import, export, distribution agent, such as the implementation of a full range of services
      Value-added Service: door-to-door, collection and payment, agent booking, loading and unloading of value-added services
      The five-star Service: convenience, fast, safe, professional, value-added


      Linzer has a strong capital position,providing the general partners of short-term financing to the customers,and help them to solve the financing problem, advance the funds, short-term financing, accelerate the flow of funds withdrawn from circulation, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises;Linzer has good bank credit, perfect internal credit risk assessment mechanism, rich experience in trade finance experts, standardized operating procedures, quickly help the partners to advance payment, pay taxes, the generation of open / collection of letters of credit, import and export trade as series of capital turnover difficult; help our partners to avoid loss of international trade settlement in foreign exchange, reduce the risk of exchange.

      The collection of letters of credit/Open the letter of credit
      Import and Export trade
      Payment collection
      Generation of cushion customs duties,value-added tax

      L/C、D/P、D/A、O/A Can accept
      Fast payment and other financial value-added services
      Advance of the export tax rebate, Export credit financing, Advance of import tariff


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