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      The concept of supply chain from the expansion of production (Extended Production) andconcept development, the definition of modern management education to the supply chain as "supply chain is around the core enterprise, through to the business flow, information flow,logistics,capital flow control, starting from procurement of raw materials, intermediate products and final products are made, finally by the sales network products to the hands of consumers will suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, until eventually the user as a function of the overall network chain structure.


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      Service advantage
      Standardized Service: provide the brand standard service, initiate the new industry standard
      Personlized Service:provide service system to the big client,Midium-high-end client and the group client
      Seriation Service:import,export,distribution agent,such as the implementation of a full range of services
      Value-added Service:door to door,collection and payment,agent booking,loading and unloading of value-added services
      The five-star Service:convenience,fast,safe,professional,value-added.

      Linzer is focus on supply chain sevice, providing procurement execution, execution,procurement outsourcing distribution, import and export customs clearance service for the customer, vendor managed inventory, international transit, domestic distribution,bonded area business etc. Linzer sharing the resources with our clients and helping them to create more value. The integration of procurement, warehousing, customs clearance, cargo collection, distribution, transport channels and other resources, Linzer providing logistics,business flow,fund flow and information flow to FOUR-ONE flow to our client. breaking the previous original service, and update the mode of thinking and the traditional concept of customer, reduce the financial pressure, reduce financial risk, to solve the difficult problems in the logistics process, improve efficiency, and ultimately to maximize the profit of the owner.


      The purchasing
      Relying on advantages of company funds and experience in the industry,Linzer provide procurement and related business services such as import and export, logistics services, capital settlement and data information processing service for domestic and foreign large-scale manufacturing and retailing. Providing supply chain integration solution for the customers; locking the purchasing cost, formulation and implementation of enterprise procurement planning; business, logistics outsourcing, reduce overall operating costs, improve operating efficiency;customer focused more on the production, research and development, brand building, on the lower reaches of management, improve the core Competitiveness.

      The distribution of execution

      Relying on advantages of company funds and experience in the industry,Linzer providing distribution services and related business operations such as logistics, capital settlement and information processing services to the scale of the enterprise. Open sales channels, improve operation efficiency; and providing integrated logistics services, rapid response to market; reduce capital occupied,accelerate the capital turnover.

      Export and import customs clearance service

      Linzer with import and export agency business qualification, has the rich import and export customs clearance logistics experience and the ability. Linzer sign a cooperation agreement with clients,and help them build an efficient service platform for customer with the garverment,and assist customers in product import customs, commodity inspection, foreign exchange settlement, such as import and export customs clearance service. The effective integration of customs clearance, commodity inspection,exhibition of foreign exchange, tax rebates and other series of resources, Linzer help customers to reduce trade costs, effectively solve the related problems of supply chain of trade in the core business, so that customers can concentrate on their own, to improve their own value, enhance customer competitiveness.

      Vendor management inventory

      Linzer has warehouse in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, sufficient storage space, safe,self-contained environment, advanced logistics warehouse information management system and professional, good combination of hardware and software for the import and export trade, entrepot trade and processing trade provide warehousing, loading and unloading, tally, unpacking and LCL etc. satisfies the customer to achieve momentum, import, export goods temporary diversion spell ark, VMI service demand.

      International tranfer sevice

      According to customer needs, Linzer can provide the good international transit exhibition service for customers.

      Domestic distribution  

      Domestic transportation network is rich in resources,can provide warehousing,transport route and destination distribution.logistics mangement.information system integration.value added service integrated logistics solution.The realization of reginal transportation of domestic resources sharing and effective convection.all kinds of goods from Southern China,East China,North China and other national level city deep distribution to the level one
      or two or three of the country city in china.

      Domestic air tansport service:booking,warehousing,transportation,charter package,module processing,door to door delivery.

      Domestic automotive applications service:domestic highway transportion,vehicle transportation.LTL transportation,warehousing,distribution.

      Bonded area business

      According to the customer needs,Linzer providing the distribution in the National Exhibition of bonded area within the network, classification , re-packaging, labeling,adding manual book, mark, assembly, quality inspection, spin off, the bonded goods display,transit,customs bonded goods extraction, entrepot trade, international procurement center.We can provide the following services: bonded processing goods made in domestic goods collection function, foreign goods tax mitigation goods collection function, the territory into the domestic market sales outside purchasing goods collection function, international transit operation function,entrepot trade function. 

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