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      The concept of supply chain from the expansion of production (Extended Production) andconcept development, the definition of modern management education to the supply chain as "supply chain is around the core enterprise, through to the business flow, information flow,logistics,capital flow control, starting from procurement of raw materials, intermediate products and final products are made, finally by the sales network products to the hands of consumers will suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, until eventually the user as a function of the overall network chain structure.


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      Shenzhen Linzer World Logistics Supply Chain Co.,Ltd is a Chinese-Foreign equity joint ventures with the approval of State Economic and Trade Ministry of country of P.R.China.Subordinate.Linzer World obtained the Class-A License on international logistics from Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China and the non-vessel operations common carrier license from Ministry of Communications of P.R China,is the member of WCA and WIFFA.  

             Linzer World pays attention to and services in the Middle East, red sea, markets such as Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. Linzer offers from the low-end sailling schedule to high-end sailing schedule service for our valuable client, meets the different valuables’ requirement on the freight rate, the time and service ,according to cooperate with MAERSK、CMA、MSC 、COSCO、CSCL、DELMAS、ANL… shipping lines. Linzer World is the VIP customer of MAERSK、CMA、MSC 、COSCO、CSCL、DELMAS、ANL etc. so that these shipping line offer the competitive freight rate and enough space for us. Linzer World has set up branches and sub-agent all around China:Guangzhou\Shenzhen \Hongkong 
      \Xiamen\Fuzhou\Ningbo\Shanghai\Qingdao\Dalian\Tianjin etc. Overseas agent network spreaded all over the world in 193 countries and major port cities : Dubai\Jordan\Kuwait\Morocco\Alger\Tunis\Lybia etc. Linzer provides the logistics service with the minest time, lowest cost, value maximization for our valuable. 

      With the strong capital and technology capability and very good faith supports from Goslan Shares Hongkong Limited ,combined with the advantages in internationalization expansion as a opportunity,Linzer World could provides those including R&D,export and import business,global sourcing,production,dometic shipping service,warehouse management,freight forwarding,global logistics,global sales and fund settlement,and MIS to our clients,and creates a brand new supply chain value to them. 

              In the past two years,the international logistics service quality and credibility of Linzer World are in the forefront of the same industry.With years of practical experience, our company take "the customer is the life, take the customer as the center, responsible for the customer "as the thought idea, step by step and develop stably.  

              Please visit our international to know more about us,thank you.

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